Twitter is Deep, Facebook is Shallow

Twitter is Deep, Facebook is Shallow

Twitter is Deep, Facebook is Shallow

The news is aflutter with stories about Twitter’s growth slowing down. The harshest headline I noticed was from Wired who published Twitter Is in Danger of Becoming the Bing of Social Media.

Hyperbole sells magazines I realize, but Twitter is the last company that should be compared to Bing.

Deeper vs. Wider and Smarter vs. Dumber

Personally I am as high on Twitter as ever. Do you wonder why that is?

There is a phrase I heard @GaryVee mention in an amazing video this week.

He talked about “going deeper” instead of just always going “wider.”

Wider seems to be all that most people discuss or focus on. Who has the MOST customers, the most users, etc., etc.

What about who has the best users or the most passionate customers or the smartest clients? Maybe these are better questions to ask?

Twitter is Deeper and Smarter

Are Twitter’s users smarter? Are they people who build things or simply those who like to comment and talk about things? I don’t know for sure. But I do have proof that Facebook thinks their own users are stupid and that is a pretty good clue.

Twitter, at least for me, is infinitely a much deeper platform.

Within Twitter I learn something daily, I connect with amazing new people daily, get inspired daily, and am able to have conversations about things that are truly important to me. I cannot truly say any of these things about today’s Facebook.

Facebook is Stupid and Shallow

Facebook is Shallow

When I visit Facebook today I am bombarded by mostly silly videos featuring animals, pranks, or accidents.

I normally skip the videos in search of something meaningful or insightful. But even after skipping over the videos, I am left with an inundation of silly memes and ignorant political bickering.

Facebook used to be a place I recall getting into decent conversations, but it seems that with recent updates they give people more of what they think they want.

That results in mostly items for distraction and cheap entertainment.

Being a father, husband, and a CEO — I truly do not have time for cat videos. Nothing against cats, I swear!

I imagine if you are reading this blog, you are too busy building your business for time wasters like that.

We have too many things to learn and too many interesting people to still connect with. There are clients that need help. There are also kids to pick up, meals to cook, and dishes to clean. And yes I do the dishes in my home!

So How Can You Go Deep?

Here is a great example. I sent out this tweet the other day:

Shortly afterward I heard from Gary.

It is not every day I get a personal tweet from a best-selling author with over one million followers.

When I saw this I just about fell out of my chair! This definitely made me a deeper Gary Vaynerchuk fan.

You Cannot Automate Things that Deeply Impact

Often I say to clients that TribeBoost can’t walk through the door for you toward a new opportunity. We just provide you with a ton of new doors.

So while the world is full of discussions about marketing automation, keep in mind that there are things you should still be doing manually.

For instance, I still try to thank everyone who retweets posts to articles I have written or those who are nice enough to share an idea or kind word.

Some days, it can be hard to do this…and I might even fall behind on doing it in a very timely manner. That is the trouble with doing these manual tasks — and maybe why so few do it.

Which is exactly the point as to why you should do them. Nobody else is…and this makes you stick out, makes you memorable, and makes you much more attractive.

Do you think Twitter is the next Bing? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Chat me up on Twitter @KJStrasser.

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Kevin is the Founder and CEO of TribeBoost.

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