The Top 11 Twitter Rock Stars to Follow in 2014

The Top 11 Twitter Rock Stars to Follow in 2014

The Top 11 Twitter Rock Stars to Follow in 2014

In honor of our friend Nigel. We’ve put together our list of 11 must-follow marketing experts.

But here’s the caveat: These are not the “gurus” everyone else follows or talks about.

They are, however, at the top of our list when it comes to great Twitter feeds. We guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two from them if you follow!

When you’re done with our list, let’s hear your picks. Who rocks Twitter but isn’t on every “Twitter rock star” list out there?


Lou Hoffman: “Say no to corporate speak!” pleads Lou Hoffman, president of the Hoffman Agency based in Silicon Valley. A firm believer in the art of business storytelling, Hoffman has turned his Twitter feed into a delightful mashup of PR insights and tactics, tech news, personal vignettes and storytelling examples.


Sam Ford: The co-author of Spreadable Media has the kind of Twitter feed you’d expect from someone who straddles the line between academics (MIT) and the agency world (Peppercomm’s director of audience engagement). That is to say: A rare perspective in the digital marketing world. And he’s highly interactive with his followers, and therefore extremely accessible.


Gary Hyman: Curating a Twitter account with a lot of great tips for solo marketers, entrepreneurs and personal branding, Gary Hyman is as talkative and interactive as they come. He’ll share tips on how to put together marketing programs that don’t monopolize your business, and tweet quotes that make you think about your marketing from alternative perspectives.


Allen Mireles: One of the few Twitter accounts we’re listing here with more than 10K followers, Allen — that’s her name — populates her Twitter feed like a real human being despite being a social media strategist who has made her way onto lists like “The Top 25 Very Smart Businesswomen to Follow on Twitter.” She’s entertaining, she’s informative, and she doesn’t only post about digital marketing… Though when she does, it’s worth paying attention.


Barry Feldman: A content specialist, Barry nevertheless is a provocateur, asserting things like content is king… of a fairytale! Follow him to learn how to rock your blog, use content like currency (not like a king), write headlines that will get people to click through, and more. Great account to follow.


Evan Dunn: A social media marketer, trainer and strategist, Evan is a fan of marketing that actually works. Isn’t everyone? That’s why you should consider following his Twitter feed. It’s a dose of refreshing reality, not just tweet after tweet of marketing links. Although it has those too. Why not follow?


Tabitha Naylor: Tabitha shares tons of links on inbound marketing that are actually helpful. She doesn’t get too chatty, but what she tweets tends to be well vetted and of high value. She’s our list’s second highest-followed marketer on Twitter, and it’s clear why: You want to click through to every article she shares.


Gerry McGovern: Gerry consults for website task management, but he also has plenty to say about growth hacking, social media, customer experience and conversion. It’s not your average social media guru’s Twitter feed, and that’s a good thing. If you want to look at some bigger picture stuff, Gerry’s your guy.


Gini Dietrich: The CEO of a marketing agency in Chicago, Gini is the highest-followed Twitter star to make our list with about 32,000 followers. Why? Do you want to learn how to increase your conversion rates? Use gamification tactics for content? Set better goals? Gini will point you in the right direction, and throw in some fun at the same time.


Ryan Hanley: Find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online: That’s Ryan’s promise. His clever tweets will get you thinking about how to tell better stories in your content marketing, and you can catch the links to his “Content Warfare Podcast” which is one of the web’s best on the subject.


Mandy Edwards: With our headquarters in Georgia, we had to give a shout out to one of our favorite locals. Mandy runs her own social media marketing company Me Marketing Services. She has a very interesting mix of clients and is a very creative marketer.

Her feed is a wide variety of social media information with a ton of tactical stuff, original content, and the occasional #UGA cheer.


PS: While you are in a following frame of mind. Would you be kind enough to follow @TribeBoost as well?

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