Spring Cleaning for Your Twitter Account

Spring Cleaning for Your Twitter Account

Spring Cleaning for Your Twitter Account

After time, just like your bedroom, your Twitter account with gather dust and clutter.

With a high activity account, you should clean up your account regularly.

My preferred tool for this is ManageFlitter. It is easy to use, can do all of the necessary cleanup tasks, and for all of the tasks mentioned in this post — is free.

Here is a rundown of the way I like to clean out my own accounts.

1) Get rid of the unfollowers. After time some accounts that were following you back will unfollow you. Clearing these that are no longer interested or engaged will give you space to add someone new and interested.

ManageFlitter makes this very easy to do.

those not following back

Make sure you start at the end to unfollow people you followed long in the past. You do not want to be unfollowing someone you just followed recently. They may never have had time to respond to your initial follow.

2) Remove accounts with no profile image. If someone has never bothered to put in a custom Twitter profile image — you can bet that they are not an active user of Twitter.

those with no profile image

3) Stop following people that are foreign speaking. Unfortunately I am only fluent in English at the moment. I hope to learn Spanish some day. But for now, I really cannot converse or interact with those that are not writing in English.

those that are foreign speaking

Tread carefully here, as some of the folks listed are not actually foreign but using words that activate the foreign filter. Also be aware that many people are bi-lingual.

4) Clear out inactive accounts. Sometimes people abandon Twitter or a certain account. I like to order this by followers and unfollow anyone with fewer than 250 followers. I figure these are accounts that just never got going and there is a very good chance they are never going to be very engaged or active users.

users that are inactive

5) The fifth and final step is to unfollow anyone account that is a spam or fake account. Sometimes you follow accounts that appear legitimate, but are just accounts used to peddle garbage.

fake followers

Now you have a nice clean Twitter account and have hopefully cleared up room to add new followers that are active and engaged Twitter users.

Rinse, lather, and repeat these steps regularly to keep a nice and tidy Twitter account.

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