Social Marketing Recipe: Personalizing Email Outreach

Social Marketing Recipe: Personalizing Email Outreach

Social Marketing Recipe: Personalizing Email Outreach

We are producing a Social Media Marketing Cookbook and will share the recipes on our blog one at a time. This is the first of the series.

These are unique step-by-step social media marketing guides brought to you by leaders and innovators from around the globe.

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Espree Devora.


Estimated Cooking Time

90 minutes


1. Open a newsletter distribution account with either Aweber or MailChimp (I use and like AWeber, but if you like pretty designed emails then go with MailChimp for sure).

2. Once you have your newsletter account set up, create your first mailing list inside that account. Both AWeber and MailChimp have tons of tutorial videos on how to do this.

3. Now go to Zapier and sync that email list to your phone, so anytime someone signs up for your email list you get a text alert. More details on how to do that are at

4. Create a landing page on your website using a tool called LeadPages. LeadPages easily integrates with WordPress. If you don’t use WordPress, they do provide the code to use on whatever you have your website built with. However, you don’t have to worry about creating a website because you can also opt to have LeadPages host your landing page for you at no extra cost.

5. Once you have your landing page set up, go to Twitter and add the landing page URL to your bio.

6. Also create a tweet about your landing page URL and ‘pin it’ to the top of your twitter profile. Here are two examples; and To do this, just click the row of three dots you’ll see in the bottom right corner of any tweet you posted so that the options appear. In those options you can select to ‘pin a tweet’.

7. Then find the hashtags related to your topic on Twitter using the advanced Twitter search tool. Also check out Hashtagify to find more hashtag ideas. This is how to discover people interested in what you have to offer. Start tweeting at them in response to their tweets. BE HUMAN — and not a sales stalker.

8. The more people you reach out to people in a friendly way, the more people will end up clicking on your landing page URL because they will be checking you out.

9. If you have something they are interested in, they will share their email with you via the form you integrated on your landing page you created with LeadPages.

10. Once people start signing up, you’ll know because your text will ping (which will be awesome to hear) and your newsletter provider will also send you an email notification.

11. Install Rapportive  in your email inbox account in order to view details about the person who just signed up on your landing page. Rapportive searches the web for social profiles associated with that email address and displays information about the person who just signed up on your site.

12. Now you are empowered to send that new subscriber a personalized message to show them they are not just a number to you. Your prompt response, direct email and personalized message will stand out and additionally get sent to their primary inbox rather than be filtered away as a ‘promotion’ or ‘update’

13. Next, install TextExpander as there will be some things you’ll write to multiple people, such as a URL to your website or a signature sign off.  In TextExpander you can type a shortcut so you can have words, phrases and full bodies of text appear quickly. You program TextExpander with what you want to say, create an abbreviation for that snippet you just wrote up, then whenever you type that abbreviation the snippet of text will appear.

14. Now, when you are writing and sending multiple personal emails every day to each person who signed up and want to share your website link again and again in each email, you can quickly add it rather than typing it out or copying and pasting.

15. Additionally you may want to add your new email buddies to your LinkedIn profile. By using Rapportive you’ll see people’s LinkedIn info based on their associated email address. There is a button inside your inbox (powered by Rapportive) to easily add them on LinkedIn from you inbox.

And that’s how to scale sending personalized emails to your email list.  I won’t say it’s a fast process. It definitely takes commitment and time, but these tools make that dedication as smooth sailing as possible. 

Feature photo via Takuma Kimura

Espree Devora is known as “the Girl who Gets it Done”. She is Comms VP at Semaphore, in addition to being a contributing journalist for TechZulu. On her blog , she curates and reviews the best business software for startups to be more productive. She has provided seminars in entrepreneurship and technology to many corporations and universities including CBS, Disney and USC Executive MBA.

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