TribeBoost for LinkedIn

TribeBoost for LinkedIn

Are you wondering how to grow your LinkedIn connections?

We have cracked that nut for you and even better, will do the work for you as a service.

For years we only focused on Twitter at TribeBoost. But it is evident that LinkedIn is also an effective marketing tool for business growth.

Why do you need more LinkedIn connections?

Whether you are looking for new clients, employees, partners, or colleagues for feedback — LinkedIn is a unique business resource.

While Twitter can often be a very noisy place, LinkedIn feels like a laser focused business network.

Growing your LinkedIn connections is a strategy that all business leaders and influencers should have in their marketing arsenal.

Having more LinkedIn connections means that your profile is viewed more, your posts are viewed more, and your comments on posts of your friends are more valuable in amplifying their content.

Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

TribeBoost for LinkedIn is much like our classic offering for Twitter

We will grow your LinkedIn connections for you on a regular basis, while you can focus on other tasks. We do it all for you with no time commitment for you.

Example of a TribeBoost for LinkedIn connection request done for you

Our LinkedIn connection growth process…

  1. We will learn from you what types of people you wish to connect with. Feel free to be a specific as you need to be.
  2. Then we start visiting profiles of the right kind of people, just as you would if doing this on your own.
  3. Next we send out a connection request for you with a polite customized message.
  4. There are rules in place to avoid connecting with too many people, people you already tried to connect with in the past, etc.
  5. We will regularly manage your outgoing connection requests to ensure that you don’t have too many outstanding LinkedIn connection requests.
  6. Our LinkedIn service is billed monthly at our regular prices or annually at a discount. See our pricing page for more details and signup information. It is also now part of our TribeBoost Suite package.