Mosquatch: Shares Great Content For You

mosquatch-logoKeeping your Twitter feed active and engaging is important — especially when you are actively trying to build your Twitter influence.
But this takes time and who has that?
We have tried a variety of curation solutions for our own Twitter accounts.
But they all had troubling issues…
That is why we built Mosquatch.
MosquatchTM avoids the downsides other curation products have and with the extra benefit of being a full service and not just a tool.
That means no time requirement for you at all.
Some of the benefits:

  • No echo chamber (sharing same content as everyone else). This does not happen, as every Moquatch account is setup in a unique & custom fashion.
  • Tweets that look truly organic and are not obviously automated. Nobody will know that you did not create these tweets by hand.
  • Being able to do targeted retweeting.
  • Just high quality tweets. This means no garbage content from people who paid to get listed or shared. We are not getting paid to promote content from bloggers or special interests like other curation services.
  • Current content only. No worries about content from several months ago or last year being published.
  • No surprises. Other services occasionally put out untargeted or totally out of left field tweets. Mosquatch never will do this to you.

Mosquatch also provides stats so you can see how well the service is working for you. With most accounts, Mosquatch tweets outperform other tweets by generating more likes and retweets.
Current TribeBoost customers can get Mosquatch at a special discount. Just contact us and we can discuss costs & can add it to your account for you.

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