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Kevin is the Founder and CEO of TribeBoost.

I Got a Twitter Eye On Baby

The Key to Twitter Marketing is Being Human

By Kevin Strasser

There are plenty of articles covering the basics of Twitter marketing, but those typically focus on metrics, Twitter analytics, or specific Twitter strategies. This article focuses on something that seems like common sense but is maybe the most important factor in your Twitter marketing success.


How to Get Twitter Followers: Be Followable

By Kevin Strasser

New Twitter followers are ripe with possibilities. These new connections may turn into new partners, customers, vendors, employees, or even friends.
Or at the very least they can become amplifiers of your message.
But what about when people chose not to follow you back? Often this can be simply for no major reason or say much about you. But what when it is about you?


The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Analytics

By Kevin Strasser

Social media marketing and data analysis go hand-in-hand. Without identifying what part of your strategy is working and what is not, you cannot improve, grow, and find more success.
Tracking, viewing, and analyzing data associated with your accounts is vital to the success of your social media marketing campaigns. Thus the importance of Twitter analytics.


The Ultimate Guide to an Amazing Twitter Profile

By Kevin Strasser

Twitter is more than just a platform for following and reading tweets as they come through a feed. It is also another channel for the world to discover you. Like a second website if you will.
Your Twitter profile is a place to display to the world what you do, what you value, what you know, and what you can provide.
Profile pages are landing pages where users go to gather information about you, contact you for customer service questions, and get to know your brand.
In this post we will go over the elements of a successful Twitter profile and detail some of the best Twitter profile examples.

How to Build a Strong Startup Community: WeAreLaTech Group Picture

How to Build a Strong Startup Community

By Kevin Strasser

Do you have a startup community where you live? Are you interested in learning about how to build one or better support the startup community your town already has?
Startup communities can be vital to the growth of the local tech economy.
In this interview with Espree Devora, the host of the WeAreLATech podcast you will learn about how her startup community thrived and what tips we can use for our own town.

Our SaaS business: 5 years in… What worked, what did not.

Our SaaS Business: 5 years in… What worked, what did not.

By Kevin Strasser

We just passed a five-year birthday for TribeBoost. TribeBoost has succeeded beyond even the loftiest goals I had.
This is not going to be a silly “I am such a genius post.”
I realize that much of our success is often good luck and timing.
Being in the right place, at the right time, and getting to know the right people is a big part of the success for any SaaS startup.


Pinterest Marketing for B2B

By Kevin Strasser

Pinterest may have started as an online platform primarily for fashionistas, do-it-yourself crafters, and wedding planners.
But over the past couple of years, this visually driven platform has broken into new territory, grown and diversified its user base, and become a valuable resource to marketers on a much larger scale.