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Christopher Gimmer of Snappa

Snappa Founder Christopher Gimmer on his SaaS Success

By Ana Gotter

It’s not uncommon for people to see someone successful and ask “I wonder how they did it?”
This is the reason why I wrote about how I started my freelance writing business, and it’s why we wanted to talk to a successful B2B business leader and hear about their experience.
Christopher Grimmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Snappa, was generous enough to take the time to share his journey with us.


The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation for Startups

By Ana Gotter

If you’re running a startup, you’re a very, very busy person. You’re short on time and being stretched in a million different directions while you’re trying to grow your business.
You have limited manpower, and in many cases, limited funds. We get this. That’s why marketing automation can be so beneficial.
Your business can’t grow without significant investments into marketing, but marketing takes time. Automation tools can do everything from streamline your tasks to take them over completely, saving you a ton of time so you can focus on the parts of your business that need you. You know, the parts that you love?


5 Content Marketing Tools to Revolutionize Your Business

By Ana Gotter

Content marketing can help you create brand awareness, nurture relationships with your readers, demonstrate thought leadership, and convert followers into customers. It’s no secret that content marketing can be extraordinarily beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes; that’s why I’ve worked on blog posts for businesses in industries ranging from real estate to air conditioning suppliers to restaurants.