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The technology press loves to write about unprofitable Silicon Valley companies that often do not have any customers.

Being profitable, with a rapidly growing list of amazing clients, and hailing from Georgia — we just do not fit their mold.

Occassionally some brave person fights those odds to write about us. We love these people.

TribeBoost Review: Twitter Follower Growth Service

Evan DunnBy Evan Dunn

Social media is new, so the terminology is still being formed. You might be more interested in TribeBoost if I called it “social advertising” (so you know it competes with alternatives like Twitter ads, or more broadly with Facebook or LinkedIn ads).

But the term “social advertising” implies that you can run a content-based campaign with TribeBoost – which you can’t. TribeBoost does one thing, and one thing only: it grows your Twitter followers. Scroll down to see awesome screenshot proof of how much TribeBoost rocks.

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50 Growth Hacking Tools For Marketers At Startups

Dmitry DragilevBy Dmitry Dragilev

Young startups have to grow at least 30% year over year to be able to capture the customers they need. Growth hacking has been one of the most talked-about terms in the startup marketing world.

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SuddenlyCEO: Kevin Strasser, Founder of TribeBoost

sara llanesBy Sarah Llanes

I signed up for a TribeBoost free trial account at the recommendation of SuddenlyCEOs contributor, Violeta (Founder of BeTweet and amazing writer and friend). I was evaluating various social media applications for growing our followers base. When I signed up, I received a personal email from Kevin, TribeBoost’s Founder – not to give me a sales pitch, but to tell me that he’d seen the SuddenlyCEOs link in my Twitter profile and loved the concept. 

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Simple Growth Hacks for Entrepreneurs: 3-12 Months

Shanelle MullinBy Shanelle Mullin

Congratulations on a successful launch, my friend. It was a long time coming and it went off without a hitch. But… now what?

Once the launch is over, the growth hacking doesn’t stop. Yesterday, we covered how to get your startup on the map during the launch phase. Today, we’re going to look at how to keep your startup on the map. Why settle for 15 minutes of fame, right?

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How I Broke Twitter

maryrose lyonsby Maryrose Lyons

And then fixed it up again – this is a story with a happy ending y’all!

I’ve been on Twitter since the early days. When I first signed up to it, there was no question that I’d use it for business – they just weren’t there yet. I use Twitter as myself. I am on as @maryrose, and I tweet about all the stuff that goes on for me. This includes social media, content, marketing, but it also leaves me free to shout at the telly, cheer on our team in the rugby, and so on…

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Low Budget and Engagement “Marketing,” with Evan Dunn – Ep.16

unscrambledby Social Media Unscrambled Podcast

Wow! We welcomed Evan Dunn, Social Media Specialist with Marketeering Group, and he shared so much truth about social media “marketing.”

We discussed lean/no budget marketing, Twitter following tactics, human behavior (when it comes to online interaction), and engagement marketing.

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