Frequently Asked Questions about TribeBoost

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

So how does TribeBoost work?

We have algorithms that analyze Twitter traffic. Using this logic, we find people that are highly targeted to your niche.

We follow these accounts for you throughout the day — one at a time. Being that these folks are so interested in your niche, a very high percentage of them follow you back.

The accounts that do not follow you back eventually we unfollow them for you, clearing up room to follow more people.

Can we continue to follower users on our own? Will your system unfollow these people if they do not follow back?

Yes you can and you should. When you find someone interesting on Twitter, you should go ahead and follow them. Just act like you did before you signed up with TribeBoost.

Our system will ONLY unfollow people that were followed by our system. Anyone you followed outside of TribeBoost will not be touched.

What kind of follow to follower ratio do you get by using your service?

We strive to get everyone to as low a ratio as possible. The lower the ratio, the greater the social proof — so that is what we strive for.

We also do not allow ratios that would be too high — as that is not only bad for social proof reasons, but can lead to problems with Twitter.

Once you are following beyond 2,000 people you are limited by Twitter to be at a 1:1 ratio. So to follow 2200 people you would need at least 2000 followers. We make sure you are inline before hitting that mark.

We have some clients that demand a very low ratio and we set things to what they want. We have logic in place to control both daily following limits and your overall ratio limits. We monitor these settings and tweak them as you grow.

Won't this get my Twitter account suspended?


Getting you in trouble with Twitter or anyone else is the last thing we want to do. We have yet to get a single account in trouble from using our service.

TribeBoost takes great effort to strictly adhere to Twitter terms of service guidelines. We are a manually managed service to keep us within what Twitter wants and are not 100% automated like our competitors.

We like to think of our service as taking over what you would do on your own, if you had the time. We do not do anything unnatural, overly aggressive, or spammy.

I can get thousands of followers on Fiverr. Your service seems to be way too expensive.

Yes you can get followers much more cheaply. But these followers are all fake Twitter accounts. They are not real people, but are instead fake accounts created strictly for making money.

All you really gain are artificial numbers (and likely temporary numbers once Twitter flushes out the fake accounts).

Twitter followers who actually listen to what you are saying, reply back, re-tweet, ask questions, offer suggestions, and engage with you are what you should be looking for.

You could manually work on growing your Twitter account with solid people. There are some great tools out there for making this easier. But it is still time consuming. Do you value your time? You should.

I just signed up, what do I do now?

Will will be sending you an email shortly (if we have not already). We need to find out what Twitter account you want us to work on and learn about what kind of people you wish to target.

I want to use TribeBoost on multiple accounts, do you offer discounts?

Yes every additional account after the first one will be priced at a discount rate. For agencies we offer even more reduced prices for bulk deals. Just contact us and let us know how many.