About TribeBoost


What We Do

No matter how great your service or product, without an audience you will get nowhere. TribeBoost is here to help you grow your social audience by finding you real targeted and high-quality Twitter followers.

TribeBoost™ monitors Twitter in real-time using the Twitter API to find the right kind of people for you using our own software and methods that we have perfected.

We use a combination of biographical data, location, influence, tweet history, and other factors to find you the best and most highly targeted leads. TribeBoost actively manages our work for you and follows users from your custom targeted list–gathering you new followers daily.

Our goal is to help you grow your Twitter influence, extending your reach in a human and responsible way–just like you would if you could be on Twitter all day long. All done with care and using methods that are all within Twitter’s terms of service.


TribeBoost was founded in August 2012 and was the first company to provide Twitter audience growth as a service. Since then many competitors have come and go. We are still here and are still the best in the world at what we do.

The TribeBoost Difference

If you are reading this you are probably wondering how we are different…

A Complete Service Requiring None of Your Time

Our competitors offer you “tools” and as such you are left on your own to decide what logic to use, what parameters to pick, and are left to figure it out. Who wants to spend time tinkering around to learn a new tool and troubleshooting hoping to make things work? Do you have time for that? With TribeBoost we do all of the heavy lifting and the stress and time of delivering results is on us–not you.

Our Methods

We have several different methods for finding you the right kind of people to grow your Twitter following. None of these methods are simplistic or basic models like our competitors often use:

Anyone who is following “X

This is easy to do technically, so we understand why our competition uses this method. We do not use followers as a foundational metric at all. Followers as a metric of targeting has too many flaws:

  1. We do not know the context of the follow
  2. Many followers are spam/bots/porn
  3. Followers often are no longer active or engaged on Twitter
  4. Thus many followers are simply low quality or untargeted accounts

People who have “Always Follow Back” in their profile

Not only do we not look for accounts that have “follow back” in their bio, we actively filter out all accounts that have anything about following in their bio. These are just accounts looking for numbers and offer nothing but numbers back in return. TribeBoost is about helping you move your momentum forward, not just giving you false numbers.

Favorite any tweet than mentions X

Automatically favoriting tweets is against Twitter’s terms of service. We do not do anything against Twitter’s rules. Auto-favoriting also can prove to be problematic when you automatically favorite content that is not favorable or even hateful to your cause.

Creating fake Twitter accounts to promote our clients or ourselves

This would seem like an obviously distasteful and risky thing to do. But we have competitors that do this regularly. They show no respect for the Twitter platform and just care about making money. We respect Twitter and we respect you.

Bootstrapped & still scrappy

We started as a small bootstrapped company and were not funded by millions of dollars of Venture Capital. While we have grown over the years, we still have the same scrappy spirit. In fact our CEO still frequently responds to customer service emails!

Easy refunds

Unlike many SaaS companies we do not run you through the ringer when you want to cancel. You can cancel at any time — even in the middle of the month. You will always receive an immediate refund for the remaining funds for that month.

We do not want or need your Twitter password

We use the Twitter authentication system to gather the ability to follow and unfollow for you. You can revoke these settings at any time within your Twitter account settings. Other services ask you to trust them with your Twitter password. It is risky and unnecessary since Twitter provides an authentication API for anyone to use.

What We Believe

Business is about more than money. It’s about relationships. It’s about doing what you say you are going to do. It is about helping one another and supporting people that you respect and care about.

We help smart, driven, and exceptional people make their mark on the world. We have had the privilege to work with leaders, songwriters, CEOs, startups, healthcare providers, authors, business owners, and all types of amazing people around the world.

Our Work Environment

We are headquartered in the lovely Golden Isles of Georgia just due south from Savannah, but have remote workers in other parts of the US & around the world. We work with clients from nearly every industry and from countries around the globe.