Hot Growth Hackers to Follow in 2014

Hot Growth Hackers to Follow in 2014

Hot Growth Hackers to Follow in 2014

We recently shared our picks for digital marketing Twitter accounts to follow in 2014. Like that list, this one isn’t a list of the superstars you’ll find on any list of growth hackers.

They generally range from 300+ followers to 10,000 (although we’ve included a couple with significantly more), and they hail from around the globe.

They are, however, at the top of our list when it comes to great Twitter feeds.

As with our last list, let’s hear your picks. What relatively unsung growth hackers rock Twitter but aren’t on every “Twitter guru” list out there?


Louis Galipeau: Louis, a self-proclaimed autodidact technogeek, doesn’t get chatty too often on Twitter, but he shares a lot of what he’s reading. And what he’s reading and learning himself is fascinating. The loads of information he shares is diverse yet always applicable to doing business leaner and smarter. And isn’t that what you really want?


Chris Brisson: …and on the opposite side of the spectrum is Chris, who is all about engagement. He’s fun to interact with and would rather chat about a subject than throw out a link to an article. He’s maybe a bit busy with his latest venture, Call Loop, to tweet regularly, but he’s still very worth the follow.


Kain Tietzel: Kain is clearly a bloke (hailing from Australia) with a sense of humor and a multitude of interests outside of growth hacking — which undoubtedly make him a good growth hacker in the first place. A digital marketing engineer with a practical aptitude for delivering clever interactive experiences, Kain consults startups and agencies on lean marketing, user experience and creative direction.


Jason Cohen: Jason brings a unique perspective to growth hacking as a Sony Music digital executive and a technologist, and it shows. His Twitter feed is full of music and technology stories, along with the expected marketing and growth links. He also is the CEO of an interesting startup PegWorks. If you like some subject variety in your tweets, Jason’s your guy.


Michelle Sun: Michelle is a software developer and an accomplished growth hacker with a varied background that includes mentoring, product analytics and even a stint at Goldman Sachs. She’s as tech-savvy as they come, but her style is laid-back and friendly while still highly informative. She’s an absolute #TwitterRockStar in our book.


Daniel Sosa: Daniel is a startup/marketing/growth enthusiast by day and a fitness enthusiast… well, at all other times.  Both interests share space on his Twitter feed, along with other engaging, chatty tweets and conversations. Perhaps our most overlooked and underappreciated hack, Daniel’s Twitter feed is nevertheless a joy to be privy to and is definitely worth following.


Hartley Brody: We’re sensing a theme here… our favorite growth hackers on Twitter tend to be interesting, well-rounded tweeple! Hartley is another whose tweets take on everything from politics, world news, current events and marketing and growth. Perhaps the title of one of the lifehacker links he tweeted out a couple of days ago says it all: Knowing a Little of Everything Is Often Better Than Having One Expert Skill.


Ari Meisel: The author of The Art of Less Doing — Make Everything In Life Easier is a productivity consultant, biohacker, wellness coach, and automation/optimization enthusiast. Equipped with a fascinating backstory, Ari likes to share what he finds interesting (literally, he writes blog posts about things that excite his curiosity) and more — with some growth hacking insights thrown in.


Nichole Elizabeth: Are you looking instead for a Twitter feed packed full of growth hacking tips, discussion, and links — unsullied by almost anything else? Nikki is one dedicated growth hacker who knows her stuff. Whether you’re looking for technical info on churn, inbound marketing, or anything else growth-related, Nikki’s carefully curated and tended feed will likely point you in the right direction.


Nir Eyal: Why do some products capture our attention, while others flop? Is there a pattern underlying how technologies hook us? Nir, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products addresses the psychology of customer behavior on his blog and on Twitter to his followers.


Zack Onisko: The most recognized Twitter superstar by far on our list with 67K followers, Zack is a self-styled “growth dude” out of San Francisco. His Twitter stream is the most stereotypical — in a good way — of a Silicon Valley hack on our list, peppering his Tweets with words like “awesome” and “rad,” yet sharing valuable information and news with his very engaged audience.


Joanna Lord: Joanna is our runner-up for most-followed Twitter account on this list, and there’s no mystery as to why. Personable, knowledgeable and energetic, she runs a Twitter account that practically oozes vivaciousness. This Seattle marketer doesn’t share everything she reads or finds useful or practical on growth — but it’s clear what she does share is pretty much always worth reading.

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